The Turn Trainer and a foot standing on the Turn Trainer

Official & Only

Turn Trainer


​Take your dance turn training

                              to the next level.

Higher relevé

Stronger Feet, ankles, turning leg

Better balance

Controlled spotting

Better posture

Maintain control

Stronger, Engaged Core

Make flawless turns


Why get a Turn Trainer?

Practice makes perfect, but practicing turns away from the dance studio is almost impossible. Not anymore! The Turn Trainer allows dancers to practice turns any time, any place, safely, while reinforcing a dancer's technique training. Never a reason to not practice turns correctly.

Where is the Turn Trainer Manufactured?

The Turn Trainer is assembled in the United States. The plates are manufactured in the US, while the bearings & bindings are imported.

What’s the weight of the Turn Trainer?

The Turn Trainer weighs less than 1 lbs. Never carry heavy portable dance floors to a competition again. Throw the Turn Trainer in your bag and go. 

Does the Turn Trainer make noise, need maintenance, or cleaning?

The Turn Trainer is whisper quiet and does not require any maintenance. Should the Turn Trainer get dirty, DO NOT submerge in water! Just wipe the foam with a moistened cloth. If the foam gets wet, allow the foam to dry before storing. DO NOT leave the Turn Trainer in direct sunlight, as the direct heat may cause the Turn Trainer to soften or warp. 

Does the Turn Trainer have training instructions?

As a subscriber to our YouTube Channel, your dancer has unlimited access to our training video center. Each video lasts only a few minutes, so your dancer can get back to practicing.


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