Train To Win! with the 1 of a kind Turn Trainer. Amazing dance turns start in class with your teacher, but are perfected at home with the Turn Trainer. Practice proper turning technique, strengthen the core, improve posture, strengthen spotting, stronger relevé, and more. Lightweight, non-skid, and fun which means you can practice your turns just about anywhere.Check out our Video page for more information. Results vary based on the frequency of training and usage.


Turn Trainer : Black (No Personalization)

  • Leave that dance floor at home! The Turn Trainer is small in size & lightweight, so take it anywhere with easy. Because our design grips to the floor you can use it on any surface (no inclines or on water please!)

    • Single person use only.
    • Small and Lightweight, so you can travel with the Turn Trainer anytime.
    • Builds strength and endurance.
    • Built to withstand daily use.
    • Won't move or slide out from under you, and built to prevent floor damage. Able to be used on most flat surfaces. Do not use on sand, any slope, or unstable surface, or in a any manner where any part of the circumference is not touching the floor.
    • Anti-slip materials.
    • Not to exceed 300 lbs.
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